Research Station Vatín

Research Station Vatín

Research Station of Fodder Crops in Vatín is a detached workstation of Department of Animal Nutrition and Forage Production established in 1963. It is located in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands, 7 km from Žďár nad Sázavou, on the southern border of Protected Lanscape Area Žďárské vrchy, 560 m RS Vatín comprises main administrative building, workshop, storage facilities and 3 ha of experimental fields.

Main purpose of RS Vatín is forage research on arable land, meadows, pastures and turfs. All activities are aimed at practical use of scientific information. Currently, multiple projects are taking place on the station, involving both commercial sector and private farmers, as well as other Mendel University in Brno’s departments.

Besides field experimental area there is preparatory station for soil and biomass samples, including analytical, botanical, phytocoenological and nutritional analyses (such as dry matter content) in cooperation with Routine Feed Analysis Lab and Research Lab. RS Vatín is also a preparing microsilages in patented containers and subsequently analysing silage leachates.

Fields of experiments

  • analysis of drain water and surface water erosion
  • groundwater flow analysis
  • exeperimental fallow land
  • effects of fertilisation on wheat, rape, peas and maize nutrition
  • longevity of clover and grass varieties
  • foliar application of micronutrients
  • effects of digestate fertilisation on fodder quality
  • public grass plots’ management
  • pasture mixtures
  • grassland overseeding
  • effects of agricultural management on pollinators