National Agency for Agricultural Research (NAZV)

projects NAZV


2017 – 2019: Zinc nanocomplexes as an alternative to the replacement of antibiotics in pigs. NAZV QK1720349. (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2018 – 2022: Development of biofortified pea lines with reduced phytic acid content. QK1810072 (co-investigator Pavel Horky)

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR)

projects TACR


2023 – 2025 Development of analytical platform for monitoring microplastics circulation in agricultural production. TACR FW 06020224. (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2023 – 2027 Sustainable production of a new, functional food with favorable nutritional properties. TACR Trend FW06010036 (co-investigator Sylvie Skalickova)

2023 – 2025 Development of an anti-methanogenic feed supplement to mitigate the environmental impact of livestock farming. TACR 06020190. (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2021 – 2026 Smart GPS pasture. TAČR Trend FW03010010 (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2020 – 2022 Integration of Industry 4.0 in animal production. GAMA 2 TP01010018 (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2020 – 2022 Aplication of Milk Thistle in the Nutrition of Sport Horses. TACR Zeta (Principal investigator Hana Dockalova)

2020 – 2022 Influence of selenium and vitamin E in wagyu hybrids on reproductive properties and meat performance. TAČR Zéta TJ04000198 (co-investigator Svetlana Malyugina and Pavel Horky)

2020 – 2025 Development of new generation of adaptogenic substances and nanotransport in feed industry. TAČR Trend FW01010053 (co-investigator Pavel Horky)

2019 – 2022: Reducing the use of zinc and antibiotics in pig farms with innovative phyto-additives and their combination with other natural antimicrobial agents. TAČR Zéta TH04030172 (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2018 – 2019: Nanoabsorbents of mycotoxins in the feed industry TAČR Zéta TJ01000116 (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2019 – 2021: Advanced materials as a tool to eliminate mycotoxins in animal feed TAČR Zéta TJ02000062 (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2016 – 2017: Complex fertiliser enriched with nanoselen to increase the nutritional value of feed (co-investigator Pavel Horky)

2017 – 2019: Commercial use of nanoabsorbents of mycotoxins in animal nutrition (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2019 – 2022: Innovation of procedures for establishing mixed cultures of alfalfa to improve the quality of the soil and the production of safe forage TAČR Epsilon TH04030258 (Principal investigator Jiri Skladanka)

2019 – 2021: Nanotransmitters of monoglycerides for the support of intestinal microbiome diversity in poultry TAČR Zéta TJ02000325 (Principal investigator Sylvie Skalickova)

2019 – 2022: Utilization of waste produced in biogas production to improve soil properties and increase the sulfur content of plants TAČR Epsilon TH04030142 (co-investigator Pavel Horky)

The State Agricultural Intervention Fund

projects SZIF


2019 – 2023: Modernization of pig breeding technologies with higher ICT integration and creation of comparable calculation methodologies PRV 17/005/1611a/563/000104 (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2019 – 2020: Cooperation in introducing new technology in cattle breeding (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2017 – 2020: Implementation of progressive procedures in the compilation of rations for meat cattle on the farm  PRV 16/002/16210/231/000011 (Principal investigator Pavel Horky)

2013 – 2015: Progressive systems of sow breeding (co-investigator Pavel Horky)

Development Agency of the Czech Republic (RA ČR)

projects CDA


2017 – 2019: Sustainable food production in climatic conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa (Zambia) (Pavel Horky as a member of the research team)

2016 – 2018: Quality and efficiency of production, storage and processing of milk in Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (Pavel Horky as a member of the research team)

2014 – 2016: Ensuring sustainable and stable feed production for dairy cattle of small farmers (Zambia) (Pavel Horky as a member of the research team)