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In progress

Short-term supplementation of zinc nanoparticles in weaned piglets affects zinc bioaccumulation and carcass classification

Daria Baholet, Sylvie Skalickova, Eva Weisbauerova, Andrej Batik, Ivana Kolackova, Pavel Nevrkla, Pavel Horky

Livestock Science, 2023

Effect of Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) Seed Cakes by Horses Subjected to Physical Exertion

Hana Dockalova, Daria Baholet, Andrej Batik, Ladislav Zeman, Pavel Horky

Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 2022

Is a new generation of mycotoxin clay adsorbents safe in a pig’s diet?

Pavel Horky, Pavel Nevrkla, Tomas Kopec, Iqra Bano, Misa Skoric, Jiri Skladanka & Sylvie Skalickova

Porcine Health Management, 2022

Toxicological effects of nanoselenium in animals

Iqra Bano, Sylvie Skalickova, Safia Arbab, Lenka Urbankova & Pavel Horky

Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, 2022

Importance of Zinc Nanoparticles for the Intestinal Microbiome of Weaned Piglets

Baholet, D; Skalickova, S; Batik, A; Malyugina, S; Skladanka, J; Horky, P

Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 2022

doi: 10.3389/fvets.2022.852085

Effect of Lactic Fermentation and Cooking on Nutrient and Mineral Digestibility of Peas

Skalickova S, Ridoskova A, Slama P, Skladanka J, Skarpa P, Smykalova I, Horacek J, Dostalova R and Horky P

Frontiers in Nutrition, 2022

Does Digestate Dose Affect Fodder Security and Nutritive Value?

Kolackova, I.; Smolkova, B.; Latal, O.; Skalickova, S.; Skladanka, J.; Horky, P.; Knot, P.; Hammerschmiedt, T.; Kintl, A.; Holatko, J.; Pozdisek, J.; Brtnicky, M.

Agriculture, 2022

Effect of Streptococcus uberis on Gamma Delta T Cell Phenotype in Bovine Mammary Gland

Slama, P.; Zavadilova, T.; Pavlik, A.; Horky, P.; Skalickova, S.; Skladanka, J.; Roychoudhury, S.; Baldovska, S.; Kolesarova, A.; Konecny, R.; Tancin, V.; Zouharova, M.

Animals 2021

Biogenic Selenium Nanoparticles in Animal Nutrition: A Review

Malyugina, S.; Skalickova, S.; Skladanka, J.; Slama, P.; Horky, P.

Toxics, 2021

Uses of Selenium Nanoparticles in the Plant Production

Bano, I.; Skalickova, S.; Sajjad, H.; Skladanka, J.; Horky, P.

Agronomy, 2021

Protective effect of a new generation of activated and purified bentonite in combination with yeast and phytogenic substances on mycotoxin challenge in pigs

Horky, P. Gruberova, H. A., Aulichova, T., Malyugina, S., Slama, P., Pavlik, A., Skladanka, J. Skoric, M., Skalickova, S.

PlosOne, 2021

Effects of Sub-Lethal Doses of Selenium Nanoparticles on the Health Status of Rats

Urbankova, L.; Skalickova, S.; Pribilova, M.; Ridoskova, A.; Pelcova, P.; Skladanka, J.; Horky, P.

Toxics, 2021

Influence of Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) Seed Cakes on Biochemical Values of Equine Plasma Subjected to Physical Exertion

Dockalova H, Zeman L, Horky P.

Animals (Basel), 2021

doi: 10.3390/ani11010210

Theranostic Approach for the Protein Corona of Polysaccharide Nanoparticles

Skalickova S, Horky P, Mlejnkova V, Skladanka J, Hosnedlova B, Ruttkay-Nedecky B, Fernandez C, Kizek R.

Chemical Records, 2020

Usability of graphene oxide as a mycotoxin binder: In vitro study

Pavel Horky, Eva Venusova, Tereza Aulichova, Andrea Ridoskova, Jiri Skladanka, Sylvie Skalickova

PlosOne, 2020

Zinc phosphate-based nanoparticles as alternatives to zinc oxide in diet of weaned piglets

Kociova, S., K. Dolezelikova, P. Horky, S. Skalickova, et al.

Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, 2020

Degradation of biogenic amines and in vitro evaluation of ruminal parameters of the ruminal fluid of Charolais sheep

Kolackova, I., J. Skladanka, S. Skalickova, P. Horky, et al.,

Revista Brasileira De Zootecnia-Brazilian Journal of Animal Science, 2020

Development of pH-Responsive Biopolymeric Nanocapsule for Antibacterial Essential Oils

Skalickova, S., T. Aulichova, E. Venusova, J. Skladanka, et al.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2020

Essential Oils as a Feed Additives: Pharmacokinetics and Potential Toxicity in Monogastric Animals

Horky, P., S. Skalickova, K. Smerkova and J. Skladanka

Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, 2020

Zincphosphate-based nanoparticles as a novel antibacterial agent: in vivo study on rats after dietary exposure

Horky, P., S. Skalickova, L. Urbankova, D. Baholet, et al.

Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, 2019

Nanoparticles as a Solution for Eliminating the Risk of Mycotoxins

Horky, P., S. Skalickova, D. Baholet and J. Skladanka

Nanomaterials, 2018

Effect of fungicidal treatment and storage condition on content of selected mycotoxins in barley

Horky, P., S. Skalickova, I. Caslavova, A.J. Deering, et al.

Kvasny prumysl, 2018

Nano-selenium and its nanomedicine applications: a critical review

Hosnedlova, B., M. Kepinska, S. Skalickova, C. Fernandez, et al.

International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2018

Antioxidant status of rats’ blood and liver affected by sodium selenite and selenium nanoparticles

Urbankova, L., P. Horky, J. Skladanka, M. Pribilova, et al.

Peerj, 2018

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Nanoparticles Biosynthesized by Yeast: A Review of their application

Skalickova, S., M. Baron and J. Sochor

Kvasny prumysl, 2017

Selenium nanoparticles as a nutritional supplement

Skalickova, S., V. Milosavljevic, K. Cihalova, P. Horky, et al.

Nutrition, 2017

Comparison of Biogenic Amines and Mycotoxins in Alfalfa and Red Clover Fodder Depending on Additives

Skladanka, J., V. Adam, O. Zitka, V. Mlejnkova, et al.,

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2017

Determination of Phytoestrogen Content in Fresh-Cut Legume Forage

Hloucalova, P., J. Skladanka, P. Horky, B. Klejdus, et al.

Animals, 2016