Animal Nutritrion Research Group

Animal Nutritrion Research Group

Pavel Horky Animal Nutrition, Pig Nutrition, Mendel University in Brno

Assoc. Prof. Pavel Horky, Ph.D.

Team Leader

Animal nutrition, food and feed safety, pig production, antibiotic replacement, nano-formulation of feed additives, adaptogenes, implementation of Industry 4.0

Sylvie Skalickova, Research and development, analytical chemistry, biotechnology Mendel University

Ing. Sylvie Skalickova, Ph.D.


R&D scientist, analytical techniques, qPCR, microbiology, nanoparticle synthesis, experimental design. Contact person for Research Lab

animal nutrition team Veronika Mlejnkova

Ing. Veronika Mlejnkova, Ph.D.


Food and feed quality, ruminants nutrition, biogenic amines, microbiology, mycotoxins effects and elimination, biocheimistry, experimental design

Hana Dockalova equine, horse nutrition, milk thistle

Ing. Hana Dockalova, Ph.D.


Horse nutrition, horse performance, phytoadditives, nutrient digestibility, milk thistle supplementation

Monika Jurickova analytical chemistry, laboratory technician

Monika Jurickova


Analytical chemistry, microbiology, immunology, medical laboratory technician, in vitro digestibility

animal nutrition team Andrea Roztocilova

Ing. Andrea Roztocilova


Poultry health and nutrition, egg quality, calcium retention in laying hens

Ing. Daria Baholet


Monogastric nutrition, pig breeding, nano-zinc as an antibiotic alternative, animal experiments, antibiotic susceptibility

MSC. Pompido Chilala


Sustainable agriculture, animal feed quality in developing countries, mycotoxin risk and elimination

Ph.D. Students – Animal Nutrition

Ing. Magdalena Pribilova

The effect of nutrition on reducing heat stress in breeding boars

Ing. Lenka Urbankova

Selenium nanoparticles as an alternative source of selenium for the animal organism

Ing. Hana Abigail Gruberova

Effective use of phytase of natural origin

Ing. Tereza Aulichova

Antibiotic effects of encapsulated essential oils in weaned piglets

Ing. Daria Baholet

The importance of zinc nanoparticles in the nutrition of non-ruminants

Ing. Svetlana Malyugina

Influence of selenium and vitamin E on reproductive properties and meat yield in Wagyu hybrids

MSc. Pompido Chilala

Qualitative Evaluation of Animal Feed in Zambia