Selenium in Animal Nutrition

Selenium in Animal Nutrition

Selenium is an essential trace element for animal nutrition, as it plays a crucial role in many physiological functions. Selenium is required for the proper functioning of the immune system, reproduction, and thyroid metabolism. However, selenium can be toxic in high concentrations, leading to selenosis. Therefore, it is essential to provide animals with the right amount of selenium in their diet, which can vary depending on the species, age, and production stage.

Nanotechnology has provided numerous possibilities and improvements in many fields. In the area of animal mineral nutrition, selenium nanoparticles have become the focus of interest of many scientists, especially due to the premise that the boundary between their toxicity and therapeutic effect is wider than in comparison to inorganic or organic selenium.

Our research direction is to explore the effects of nanoselenium and define its toxic effects. Selenium as such, and in its nanoform, is a promising antioxidant that has the potential to improve pig feeding.


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