Upcoming project: Production of non-hazardous feed from dry-resistant Leguminose

MENDELU internal grant Proof of concept 2 has supported our project:

Production of non-hazardous feed from dry-resistant Leguminose

The aim of the MENDELU Proof of concept 2 is an efficient system of support of the proof-of-concept activities (hereafter PoC) at MENDELU in 2020 – 2022. The proposal of the PoC suppport is drafted as an integral part of the commercialisation system developer at the university. Regarding the PoC, MENDELU expects efficient transformation of its research and development results into practical applications, enabling their real commercial exploitation and related use in practice. More precisely in common business or other activity of end-user of technologies.

The main investigator is Assoc. Prof. Pavel Knot, Ph.D.

About the project:

Mycotoxins and biogenic amines are two types of food contaminants that can cause health problems in animals. Mycotoxins are toxic substances produced by certain fungi that can grow on food crops, while biogenic amines are naturally occurring compounds that can be found in fermented feed such as silage. To reduce the risk of exposure to these contaminants, it is important to properly store and handle food products. Additionally, regular testing and monitoring of food products can help to identify and prevent the presence of mycotoxins and biogenic amines.